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SolentSunbeam TJP6568Each year we have held a meeting of class captains/representatives to go over any issues that arose in the current year and to discuss any new ideas or class-specific requirements for the following year.

We have recently held the Class Reps Meeting - as you may be aware Cowes Classics Week is run by the Clubs, for the competitors, hosted by the Royal London YC, assisted by the other Cowes Clubs.

We are gratified that every class is reporting a likely increased attendance for 2014 - particularly the Flying Fifteens where a new class captain for classic and silver fleet boats is running a campaign to get no less than fifteen 15's there and the cruiser/racer class is hoping to be bolstered by Nicholson 36s and Rustler 31s - both now 50 years old. In addition, there is strong support from the Twister class to be represented.

Both the XODs and Solent Sunbeams continue to view the event as a significant championship for their classes - recognition of the excellent racing provided by Cowes Classics Week.