Winkworth Cup Class Pursuit Race

Charles Stanley Direct Cowes Classics Week 2017

Results are final as of 10:46 on July 20, 2017


Sailed: 1, Discards: 0, To count: 1, Entries: 32, Scoring system: Appendix A
RankBoat ClassFleetYacht NameSail NumberHelmClass Pursuit
1st Solent Sunbeam Solent Sunbeam Jabberwocky V14 Michael Weston 1.0
2nd XOD Squib Lightwood X64 Michael O'Donnell 2.0
3rd Solent Sunbeam Solent Sunbeam Betty V61 Martin Jones 3.0
4th Tempest Classic Dayboat TBA GBR 1111 Richard John Robinson 4.0
5th Seaview Mermaid (1922) Classic Dayboat Cynthia 2 Mike Randall 5.0
6th XOD XOD Thora X101 Ted Roose 6.0
7th Solent Sunbeam Solent Sunbeam Penny V42 Julian Money 7.0
8th Daring Daring Destroyer K32 David Sherriff 8.0
9th XOD XOD Princess Jalina X188 David Palmer 9.0
10th Solent Sunbeam Solent Sunbeam Alchemy V65 Richard Pearson 10.0
11th Solent Sunbeam Solent Sunbeam Spray V46 Alan Stannah 11.0
12th XOD Squib Kathleen X124 Michael FitzGerald 12.0
13th Dragon Dragon Wanderer HKG 6 Peter Colclough 13.0
14th Solent Sunbeam Solent Sunbeam Argosy V12 Tamsin Saunders 14.0
15th Swallow Classic Dayboat Gwaihir S93 Mike Wigmore 15.0
16th Daring Daring Darling K11 John Sichel 16.0
17th Dragon (Modern) Classic Dayboat Chime GBR 741 Jennifer Stutley 17.0
18th Solent Sunbeam Solent Sunbeam Melody V36 John Tanner 18.0
19th International 8mR 8mR Athena K36 Jonathan Cork 19.0
20th Swallow Classic Dayboat Echo S87 Simon Slater 20.0
21st Dragon Squib Kestrel GBR 207 Matthew Lingley 21.0
22nd XOD XOD Skiffle X143 John Edmonds 22.0
23rd XOD XOD Party X X157 James Gair 23.0
24th Solent Sunbeam Solent Sunbeam Dainty V1 Peter Nicholson 24.0
25th Classic 8mR Neptune 8mR Helen K33 Christopher Corage 25.0
26th Dragon Dragon Aurora GBR 39 Adrian Green 26.0
27th XOD XOD Quixotic X184 Jerrold Alexander 27.0
28th Solent Sunbeam Solent Sunbeam Mystery V16 Christopher Moore 28.0
29th Solent Sunbeam Solent Sunbeam Jenny V27 Phillip Ingham 29.0
30th Daring Daring Finesse 6 Peter Taylor 34.0 DNC
30th XOD XOD Astralita X91 Michael Martell 34.0 DSQ
30th XOD XOD Lass X80 John Tremlett 34.0 DSQ

Scoring codes used

DNC Did not come to the starting area 34
DSQ Disqualification 34



Sailwave Scoring Software 2.19.8


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