Nicholson-32 TJP7076One of the classic long-keel cruisers, the Nicholson 32 was one of the first boats to be designed from the outset for GRP production.

Designed in 1962 by Peter and Charles Nicholson of Camper Nicholson, the Nicholson 32 remained in production for almost 20 years, in various Marks ranging from MK I to Mark XI. Because of their renowned seaworthiness and strength, many Nic 32s have had a hard life of long-distance cruising. It was in a Mk V version, Gulliver G, that Clare Francis established herself as one of Britain’s foremost yachtswomen by sailing solo across the Atlantic, and subsequently sailed her in the 1974 Round Britain Race.

The Nicholson 32s compete at Cowes Classics Week for the Bartlett Insignia comprising an elaborate gold silk lapel badge worn by Sir Herbert H. Bartlett who was Commodore of RLYC from 1903 until 1921.


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