SquibThe Squib has proved itself as a classic racing keelboat. Designed over half a century ago by Oliver Lee, it is still very successful, with a vibrant and strong class association and active fleets at around 30 locations in the UK and Ireland, who include current, past and future world champions in many top sailing classes.

Once upon a time a popular firework was a squib. If you were unlucky and your firework did not light successfully, you would refer to the firework as a damp squib, a term still used to describe a disappointing event. Members of the Squib fleet recall their favourite explosives by lovingly naming their boats Blue Touchpaper, Brimstone, Dynamite, Firecracker, Gunpower Gertie, Sparkler, etc.

The Squib fleet from the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, Fishbourne on the Isle of Wight, will join us on Tuesday 12 July 2016 to race on Winkworth/Royal Victoria Yacht Club Race Day. To accommodate the Class, one of the Cowes Classics Week race circuits is located further to the east on this day. 

Photo: Courtesy of National Squib Owners Association.

Link: www.squibs.co.uk

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