Soling 001A Soling is a keelboat designed by Jan Linge of Norway in 1965 based on ideas that emerged while tank testing a 5.5mR for the 1960 Olympics, ideas which were outside the 5.5mR rules.

In 1968, it was chosen from among many other boats to be the men's triple-handed boat for the 1972 Olympics. The IYRU wanted a nice compromise between maximum speed and maximum seaworthiness, with a good measure of both. It was the only class to survive heavy weather at the Kiel selection trials. The Soling remained an Olympic boat until its final Olympic appearance at the 2000 Olympics.

The UK’s best result was a bronze in Spain in 1992 (Lawrie Smith, Robert Cruikshank and Ossie Stewart).

The boats are made of fibreglass reinforced polyester and are one-design boats coming from an authorized single plug and mould, making competition as even as possible.

Photos: Class Association.